Photo Contest

The winners of the photo contest!

  1. Theme: climate change, Carlos Gonzales Inca


2.  Theme: Unique landforms and Geographical Features, Laura Laaksonen


3. Theme: Urban and Rural Life, Lauri Hooli


4. Theme: Refugees and Migration, Ekaterina Vorobeva

Refugees and Migration_ Vorobeva



Valokuvauskilpailu maantieteilijöille

Valokuvauskilpailu on avoinna kaikille Maantieteen päivien osallistujille. Rohkaisemme erityisesti kansainvälisiä, Suomessa oleskelevia maantieteilijöitä osallistumaan sekä tapahtumaan että kilpailuun. Kilpailun järjestävässä työryhmästä suurin osa koostuu kansainvälisistä maantieteilijöistä, joten kilpailun ohjeet ja kommunikointi järjestäjien kanssa tapahtuu englanniksi.

Geographical Photography Contest

The Photo contest is open to all participants in the annual meeting of geographers. We particularly encourage international geographers based in Finland to attend the meeting and contest.

Thematic Categories

1) Climate Change

2) Refugees and Migration

3) Unique Landforms and Geographical Features

4) Urban and Rural Life

Contest Rules

All entries must be original images photographed by a person who submits them, with no digital enhancement or other adjustments made on the original images. No pixel details and size limitations are required.

Up to 4 entries can be submitted per a participant, with no restrictions on which thematic category the entries are submitted.

How to Participate

Submit each of your entry as a digital image by 18.10.2017 to Give the photo a name as the following: Thematic category_Last name.

Please mention the location and month of each photograph, as well as your name and affiliation.

Notice: You retain the copyright to your photograph(s)


The best photo in each category will be awarded certificates and book prizes.  All the entries will be displayed on the Website Gallery of Geography Days University of Turku.

The organizing team

Camilla Marucco, Jani Vuolteenaho, Rima Almalla, and Umer Alvi,

Department of Geography and Geology
University of Turku